In this episode of the healthcast, Director Rich Bullough and Deputy Director Phil Bondurant outline the department’s major successes over the course of 2019 and how they impacted the community. Bullough and Bondurant cited support from County Council, the Board of Health, County Manager Tom Fisher, various community partners and innovative staff as the main drivers behind these initiatives.

“This department is innovative,” Bullough said. “We’re not just following and responding to emergencies. We really feel like we’ve shifted from the perspective of regulation to really begin looking at [Summit County’s] future. I think that we’re an important player in that.”

Major 2019 projects and initiatives mentioned by health department leadership included:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Wastewater Ordinance, particularly on the East Side
  • The Community Health Assessment Survey
  • Streamlining of the Sundance permitting process
  • The Summit County Farmer’s Market
  • Family Planning Elevated Grant