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Environmental Health is responsible for the protection of air, water and all other factors that may adversely affect the quality lifestyle we enjoy in Summit County. In addition, the Environmental Division monitors and protects all water sources that flow through Summit County to neighboring counties for drinking water, irrigation and many other daily needs.

As one of the fastest-growing communities in the state of Utah, Summit County Health Department finds our staff developing new programs in an effort to maintain the standards previously set.

New fees beginning January 10, 2024

For a complete listing of Environmental Health Services and new Fees click here.


Environmental Health protects public health through the following programs:

Drinking Water Safety

Our water quality program monitors the quality of drinking water in Summit County in conjunction with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The lab tests water samples from individuals and public water systems for bacteria in drinking water.

Permitting, New Restaurants, Food Services, Food Training

Resources and information for food establishment owners and managers.

Restaurant Inspections

View the most recent Summit County food establishment inspections here.

Micro-kitchen Enterprises

Non-commercial kitchen facilities located in a private home and operated by a resident of the home where ready-to-eat food is handled, stored, prepared, or offered for sale in Summit County.

Graywater Systems Program

There are options for Tier 1 and Tier 2 graywater systems installations. If you own property in Summit County and you are interested in having a graywater system installed you may apply for a permit after working with a Utah Onsite Wastewater certified individual to meet the requirements of a Graywater system installation in Summit County.

Outdoor Air Quality

View real-time air monitoring data around Summit County here.

Radon Program

The Radon Program provides information on how to protect your family and your home from radon. We offer radon test kits for you to sample the air where you live. The cost for each kit is $10.00 and this includes lab analysis.

Septic Program

Our on-site program makes sure that septic systems work properly. We do this through the permitting process, homeowner education and responding to complaints.

Swimming Pool & Spa Monitoring

All public pools and spas in Summit County are sampled and tested by the Environmental Division.

Water Concurrency

Summit County Board of Health Water Concurrency: An ordinance providing for the establishment of requirements for a Commitment of Service letter within Summit County based on the ability of water systems to deliver safe and reliable water and promoting the conservation and wise use of all Summit County water resources.

Click here for the full ordinance.

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