What we do:

Public Information provides the community and general public with important news, updates, announcements and alerts in both day-to-day and emergency situations. Information is distributed in a variety of ways, including social media, email newsletter, media (print, television and radio) and other outlets.

Services and resources for the public:

The Summit County Health Newsletter

This monthly email newsletter provides health tips and general information about the health department’s programs and events.


The Summit County Healthcast is a podcast to improve the health and wellness of Summit County, Utah residents. Join us as we interview local health experts in a variety of fields and discuss ways to improve the physical, mental and environmental health of Summit County. The Summit County Healthcast is your trusted source for the most up-to-date health and wellness happenings in Summit County.

Listen here.

Press Releases

Click here for current news, updates and important announcements.

Media Contact:

Derek Siddoway, Communication & Public Engagement Director