Mental Health & Substance Abuse

The Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance is a community coalition of government entities, nonprofits, private businesses and citizens working to enhance the quality of life for all Summit County residents by improving community awareness of mental health & substance abuse, increasing access to effective treatment, and increasing effective prevention efforts.

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Empower your family to meet the challenges children face in adolescence.

Guiding Good Choices is a program for parents of kids ages 9-14. Each 5-week session features a 2-hour class to teach families about:
  • Risk of substance use
  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Resistance to peer pressure
  • Effective communication
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News and updates

Our Strategic Plan

Goal I:

Expand community access to mental health & substance abuse programs and services in Summit County. 

Goal II:

Increase prevention and education around mental health  & substance abuse in Summit County. 

Goal III:

Ensure success and sustainability of mental health & substance abuse programs and services in Summit County. 

Goal IV:

Establish systems to support life during recovery and reintegration into the community. 

Goal V:

Ensure equity of mental health & substance abuse programs and services for Latino Community members. 

Download the complete Mental Wellness Strategic Plan here