Flu season is upon us once more and we sat down with Nursing Director Carolyn Rose to talk about everything you need to know to be prepared. In this episode, we answer common questions such as who needs a flu shot, who a flu shot protects (hint: it isn’t just you), how flu vaccines are created, other ways to prevent the flu and more.

We also debunk the myth that you can become ill from the flu shot:

“You cannot get sick from getting the flu shot. I know some people will swear they go the flu from the flu shot but what actually happens is there are so many different cold and flu viruses out there and the vaccine takes 7-10 days to become effective. If you have been exposed to a flu virus or a cold virus of some sort right around when you get the flu shot, that’s when people say they got it from the vaccine. Actually they didn’t, they were just exposed at the right time and the right place and came up with the right symptoms.”