When Aaron Burgin’s brother committed suicide seven years ago, Aaron wanted to understand what his brother was going through. When he searched suicide on the internet, however, he found only harmful topics and advice, nothing to help a suicidal person find help. As a result, Aaron formed Suicide sucks, a nonprofit that uses SEO and digital marketing technology to locate and provide resources for people like Aaron’s brother. A self-styled “Suicide Prevention Strategist,” Aaron works to help identify suicidal tendencies before they reach life-threatening levels.

Highlights from this episode
  • http://www.suicidesucks.com
  • http://www.previdence.com/mentalHealth/
  • 500,000 people a year attempt suicide.
  • “One day when technology is advanced enough and machine learning can be used, it can match up my message to the one guy or girl that needs it at the exact moment they need it.”
  • “If there’s a message I have for anybody today it would be that everyone has value everyone has worth.”
  • “Suicide is becoming an epidemic. Suicide is becoming this solution of all solutions.”