Suesanne Bond has spent 36 years working in Early Intervention. A Summit County native, Susie began her work with special education out of high school as an aid in a severely mental handicapped unit. She completed her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education before earning a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. She’s spent 17 years with the Early Intervention program at Summit County Health Department, which serves all of Summit and Wasatch Counties. Currently, the EI program serves 70-75 families in addition to seven referral families per week on average and transition families. Together, this amounts to about 100 children per month.

Early Intervention serves children with delays and disabilities from birth to three years of age. Workers go into the home and do an overall assessment the main domains of childhood development. Most work takes places in the home or other natural environments.

  1. Adaptive ( sleep patterns, eating patterns and abilities, self-help),
  2. Cognition (learning, how children interact and gain information from their environment)
  3. Communication (expressive and receptive: speaking, hearing and understanding)
  4. Motor (gross motor: crawling, walking. fine motor: using hands and fingers.)

Things we talked about in this episode: