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Requirements, plan review information and more

Food Establishment Inspections

Food establishments that sell or serve food to the public must get a permit and be inspected by the Summit County Health Department.

Food Handlers Training

A Food Handlers Card is required to work in a food service establishment. An opportunity to obtain a food handlers card is provided through classroom instruction and testing on safe food handling procedures.

Food Manager Certification

All Food Service Managers need to attend a Food Managers Certification Course.

Click here to register your Certified Food Manager with the Summit County Health Department

Food Service Permits

If you are planning to open your own Food Service Establishment there are applications and information you will need.

Mass Gathering Permits

Temporary Mass Gatherings are those where a large number of people (more that 500) are expected for an event. Whether or not there will be food served at the event, the Application for Mass Gathering must be filled out.

Foodborne Illness Information

Various bacteria and viruses can cause illness. These disease-causing organisms can be spread when proper food handling procedures are not followed.