Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

In keeping with State recommendations, the SCHD will monitor Ozone levels in the summer months and PM2.5 in the winter when these air quality issues are a public health concern.

Ozone monitoring will go from June 1 through October 31.

Coalville Health Department Ozone Monitoring Station


PM2.5 monitoring will run from October 31 through May 31.

The Health Department is now monitoring real-time ozone and PM2.5 levels in Summit County.

For up-to-date data on the ozone and PM2.5 levels in Summit County, the most current reports are listed in the windows below.

To compare Summit County air quality with other areas around the state visit the Utah Department of Air Quality: Current Conditions page by clicking here. You will be able to see current air quality levels throughout the state.

For information on the health impacts of PM2.5 POLLUTION, visit the Utah Department of Environmental Quality: Air Pollutants: Particulate Matter by clicking here.

For information on the additional data and what you can do to prevent ozone pollution, visit the links below:

PM2.5 Monitoring

The Summit County Health Department (SCHD) conducted a four-month study of PM2.5 particulates in the Quinn’s Junction and Snyderville Basin areas of Summit County, Utah. Sampling was continuous over the span of 105 days at both sites running December 23, 2009 through April 12, 2010.

Results indicated generally low levels of PM2.5, with the exception of two days. During those two days, levels of PM2.5 were elevated due to dust storm events. The 24-hour mean concentrations of PM2.5 were lower at the Quinn’s Junction site (4.4 μg/m3) than at the Old Ranch Road site (5.5 μg/m3). The highest measured PM2.5 level was 44.9 μg/m3 recorded March 30, 2010 at the Old Ranch Road Site.

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