Funding will be used to bring solar power to the Sheldon Richins Building

(March 9, 2017) — As a recipient of the Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program, Summit County received $100,000 in grant funding to install a solar panel system on the county’s Sheldon Richins Building at Kimball Junction.

“Summit County is devoted to leading by example, and this project location offers a perfect opportunity for this,” said Summit County Sustainability Program Manager, Lisa Yoder. “Installing solar on the roof of the Richins Building demonstrates the County’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to 100 percent clean, renewable, electrical energy. This funding award allows us to progress toward 100 percent renewable energy across Summit County operations by 2032.”

The Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program grant ( will cover 45 percent of the total solar installation cost of $220,000. The system is expected to generate approximately 120,000 kWh of electricity annually, offsetting nearly one-half of the Richins Building’s annual electricity demand. The building is also located adjacent to the County’s all-electric transportation hub which includes the solar-powered Kimball Junction Transit Center, electric bicycles, fast chargers for electric vehicles, and Park City’s electric transit buses.

“By providing solar energy at this all-electric transportation hub, Summit County is cutting down on the emissions that would result from the burning of fossil fuels to provide electricity for these amenities,” Yoder said. “This highly visible project will raise awareness amongst residents and visitors alike. These same visitors will be able to utilize the electric buses, electric bicycles, and electric vehicle chargers provided on the campus and feel good, knowing that the power is sourced from clean renewable energy from the sun.”

To date, Summit County has solar panels on three major buildings; the USU Extension building in Coalville, the Summit County Justice Center in Park City, and the County Public Health Building at Quinn’s Junction. Based on a Solar Study conducted in 2016, the Sheldon Richins building was prioritized as an ideal candidate for the fourth major installation due to its annual electricity demand, high visibility location, solar exposure and location as a central hub of community activity that includes the County Library, local government and public meetings, transit center and future community town plaza.