As part of Summit County\’s Stabilization Phase response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Summit County\’s Stabilization Work Group recently completed a review of nominations and applications for various business sector representatives. These representatives will collaborate with the Health Department to further refine industry and business-specific protocols, building on work already compiled at the State, regional and local levels, which will be due by April 27.

Before the April 27 deadline, individuals who own or manage businesses in Summit County can participate by viewing the roster of Business Sector Representatives and Staff Liaisons and reach out to the appointed contacts within their industry with questions, concerns, or input regarding business protocol and modified business operation due to COVID-19. This roster can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF at

Business owners, employees, and members of the public are encouraged to view the county\’s FAQ document regarding the Stabilization Phase, available at The Summit County Concerns Line (435-333-0050) is operated by trained staff who are also able to answer questions and receive public feedback in both English and Spanish. This line is open Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.