For Health’s Sake

Did you know that it’s good for your health to leave your car at home? Here’s why:

  • Whether you walk, bike, or take the bus, people who use alternate modes of transportation get more physical activity than people who rely on cars.
  • Let’s talk STRESS! Dealing with traffic can be aggravating and increase anxiety, especially if you’re running late. On the flipside, active transportation can release endorphins that boost your mood.
  • How about your bank account? It costs about $8,876 for the average American to own and operate a motor vehicle. Compare that to $308 per year for biking, and almost nothing for traveling by foot.
  • Do you like the air quality in Summit County? Let’s keep it that way. Reducing vehicle miles driven will help keep our air and lungs clear.
Make Small Changes

Switching to a more active commute does not have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. Even leaving your car at home for one trip a week will help make a difference in both your own health and the health of our community. Take small steps toward change. Once it becomes comfortable to leave your car at home once a week, try working toward twice a week.

Finding the Time

How much time do you spend driving in a week, a month, a year? It adds up. If you’re worried about the extra time it takes to walk, bike, or bus, think about how much time you can gain by leaving your car at home.

  • You can multitask your commute if you aren’t in the driver’s seat. Take the bus and enjoy some “you time” while you let someone else navigate the roads. Or, check your e-mail from the bus stop instead of from home or the office.
  • Is it hard to find time for regular exercise? Build exercise into your day by walking or biking so you don’t have to worry about it when you get home.
  • There are hidden time costs to driving. All of those miles on your vehicle mean more trips to the gas station and more time taking your car in for maintenance.
  • There are some places in the county where it can actually be faster to walk, bike, or bus to your destination than to drive and find a parking spot.

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