• Park City Walkability Map. Find your way around Park City with this Walkability map, complete with sidewalk, underpass, and stairway locations.
  • Paved Trail System. If you like to travel on paved paths, use this map of the Greater Park City and Snyderville area as a guide.
  • Mountain Trails Foundation. Visit our local trails advocate, Mountain Trails Foundation, to learn about the trails system and access trail maps.
  • Basin Recreation Trails. Discover the wide variety of trails in the Snyderville Basin Recreation District here.
  • Travel Time Estimates. Did you know that Google maps also gives directions and time estimates for traveling by foot? When you enter your destination, click the walking icon above the address (it has been preselected for you here).
  • Safe Routes to School. Safe Routes to School programs aim to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bike to school. Learn about the Utah and National Safe Routes to School programs here.
  • Walking School Bus. Do you have school-aged children? Try organizing a Walking School Bus in your neighborhood.

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