Complaints & Spills

Chemical and Hazardous Material Spills

When there is an oil spill or other chemical spill in Summit County, the Environmental Health Division assists the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to help ensure proper cleanup. Please visit the DEQ’s website for more information about their Spill Response Program.

To report a spill, contact the Summit County Health Department at 435-336-3234.

Solid Waste Complaints

Proper disposal of solid waste is important to protect public health and the environment. The Environmental Health Division investigates complaints about improper disposal of solid waste.

To file a complaint please call the Health Department at 435-336-3234.

Solid Waste Program

The Solid Waste Program regulates the disposal of solid wastes such as municipal garbage, tires, yard waste, construction and demolition debris, contaminated soil, and sludge. The program also issues solid waste disposal permits, reviews and approves plans and specifications, performs inspections of disposal sites, and investigates complaints pertaining to the improper disposal of solid waste.

For most solid waste activities in Summit County, Environmental Health works closely with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. We also work with Summit County’s Planning Department when local issues such as zoning and land use are involved.

Hazardous Waste Program

The Hazardous Waste Program is responsible for enforcing the county’s hazardous waste rules and regulations. These management standards apply to generators and transporters of hazardous waste, used oil and universal waste. The program also enforces permitting requirements for hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. Hazardous Waste staff provides technical assistance to regulated businesses and to local government to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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