Birth & Death Certificates

Certificates for births that occurred in Utah since 1905 are on file at the Health Department.

Certificates for deaths that occurred in Utah since 2000 are on file at the Health Department. Death Certificates proir to 2000 can be made available through a search, a small fee is charged.

Emergency Preparedness

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness program is responsible for the planning and program development for the Summit County Health Department to protect the public health of Summit County’s residents and visitors from the effects of manmade and naturally-occurring events.

Family Planning

Offers health care services for women including wellness exams, birth control options counseling and STD and HIV screening.

HIV / STD Testing

Offers confidential and affordable testing for STDs and HIV.


The Health Department can provide for immunizations for all ages.

Tobacco Education & Prevention

Information on the dangers of smoking and support for quitting.