The SHARP Survey will be held in 2023. We encourage parents to agree to consent, allowing their children to complete the survey, so we can learn about our children’s needs and develop community programs and services to address them.


What it is

  • It is a 30-minute survey administered state-wide at schools every two years.
  • Topics include mental health, substance use, suicide, bullying, school/community safety, parental involvement, and other health issues.
  • It is voluntary, completely anonymous, and confidential.


  • Students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 are asked to complete the survey.
  • Parents need to sign a consent form allowing their children to fill out the survey.


  • The consent form can be filled out online from January – February.
  • The survey will be administered in schools in early March.
  • Results will be presented by the end of the year to the community after the data has been gathered and evaluated.

Why it’s important

  • This is the only survey offered in Utah that collects the level of detailed risk and protective factor data used to identify individual community needs.
  • Results will aid our local prevention efforts, including obtaining valuable grant funding, and will be used by over 10 local organizations (including schools, non-profits and government programs) that provide services for our community.
  • It gives children a voice on important matters that touch their lives every day.
  • Addressing fears and misconceptions, there are numerous studies that show that asking children about suicide or substance use DOES NOT lead to related behaviors or ideation.

For public questions or comments, email Pamella Bello, Summit County Health Department Director of Behavioral Health Prevention, at