Why Worksite Wellness?

The average American spends one-third of their day in a work setting. Worksite wellness programs can be a winning approach to improve the health and quality of life for employees. Wellness programs also create opportunities for increasing employee engagement. While worksite wellness programs are specific to the needs of each company or agency, the following are important components to include in any wellness program and the bullets can offer some ideas of where to begin.


  • An assessment of the current worksite, using CDC Worksite Scorecard. (Download the CDC Worksite Scorecard here)
  • An employee interest survey to better understand the needs and desires of employees
  • A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) of self-reported and/or medical data Gathering of other existing data, such as absentee rate and health claims data
  • Gathering of other existing data, such as absentee rate and health claims data

Program Planning and Management

  • Develop a wellness committee that is a cross-section of your company, including management
  • Define the overall goal of the worksite wellness program
  • List measurable objectives, both short-term and long-term
  • Describe activities that will help to achieve objectives Include materials, resources, stakeholders, timeline, and evaluation


  • Health-related programs – opportunities available to employees at the workplace or through outside organizations to begin, change, or maintain health behaviors
  • Health-related policies – formal/informal written statements that are designed to protect or promote employee health and affect large groups of employees simultaneously
  • Health benefits – part of an overall compensation package including health insurance coverage and other services or discounts regarding health
  • Environmental supports – the physical factors at and nearby the workplace that help protect and enhance employee health


Your program can be evaluated using metrics such as healthcare claims costs, employee productivity, satisfaction surveys, participation rates, and improved health outcomes.

Healthy Worksite Award Program

The Healthy Worksite Award Program is the premier award in Utah recognizing the outstanding achievements of businesses and organizations in implementing employee health promotion and wellness programs. It acknowledges efforts to facilitate and encourage employee health, enhance productivity, and ensure healthy work environments. Get started by completing an award application.

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