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We are proud to be part of the TOP Star Program. The focus is to move childhood obesity prevention forward by working directly with our community. Summit County Health Department is one of several local health districts involved in the program.  TOP STAR is sponsored by the Utah Department of Health.

Top Star Program Goals:

To help child care providers improve their nutrition and physical activity using the following tools:

  • childcare self-assessment
  • goal-setting
  • workshop training
  • technical assistance from health department staff, and other local health professionals

Before you begin each workshop, please print the numbered handouts and quiz listed under each workshop. You will need to complete the handouts throughout the presentation. At the end of the workshop, please complete the quiz. After completing all six workshops, you will need to complete one hour of homework (homework is available here).

Please note, workshops are available in two formats:

  1. Listen to the workshops at the Summit County YouTube channel, or
  2. Read through the workshops in PowerPoint format.
  3. You do not need to do both.
Workshop 1: Supersizing Our Children

Childhood Obesity Workshop on YouTube

Childhood Obesity Workshop on PowerPoint

Documents for workshop:

  1. Improving Your Environment Activity
  2. Childhood Obesity Quiz
Workshop 2: Eat Right, Grow Strong – Nutrition for Young Children

Nutrition for Young Children Workshop on YouTube

Nutrition for Young Children Workshop on PowerPoint

Documents for workshop:

  1. Are you a good role model?
  2. Classroom Nutrition Goals
  3. Nutrition Quiz
Workshop 3: Moving Children to Good Health – Physical Activity for Young Children

Physical Activity Workshop on YouTube

Physical Activity Workshop on PowerPoint

Documents for workshop:

  1. Finding Fun in Physical Activity
  2. Structured Activity Ideas
  3. Playground Handout
  4. Classroom Physical Activity
  5. Physical Activity Quiz
Workshop 4: Stepping Toward a Healthy Lifestyle – Personal Health and Wellness

Personal Health Workshop on YouTube

Personal Health Workshop on PowerPoint

Documents for workshop:

  1. Rate Your Plate
  2. Serving Size Guide
  3. What Makes it Hard to Eat Well
  4. Jump Start your Physical Activity
  5. Physical Activity Barriers
  6. Nutrition and Physical Activity Goals
  7. Personal Health Quiz
Workshop 5: Growing Healthy Kids Together – Working with Families to Promote Healthy Weight Behaviors

Working With Families Workshop on YouTube

Working With Families Workshop on PowerPoint

Documents for workshop:

  1. How well are you communicating?
  2. Healthy Breakfasts
  3. Healthy Dinners
  4. Fun Family Activities
  5. Decrease Screen Time in your Home
  6. Healthy Celebrations
  7. Building Healthy Families
  8. Working with Families Quiz
Workshop 6: How to Support a Breastfeeding Mother – A Guide for Childcare Providers

Breastfeeding Workshop on YouTube

Breastfeeding Workshop on PowerPoint

Documents for workshop:

  1. Breastfeeding Infant Feeding Plan
  2. Childcare Provider Information
  3. Breastfeeding Sample Policy
  4. Breast Milk Handout
  5. 10 Children’s Breastfeeding Friendly Books
  6. 10 Favorite Breastfeeding Websites for Families
  7. Improving your Facility’s Breastfeeding Environment
  8. Breastfeeding Quiz

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