Summit County Health Department COVID-19 Investigation Information

-Anyone with signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (even if as minor as a runny nose or congestion)
-All household contacts (including children) of positive COVID cases
-Friends, coworkers or school contacts of positive COVID cases- please test a minimum of 7 days after
the last exposure to the case.

ISOLATION: (for persons who test positive)
-Everyone with a positive PCR test is considered to be a case and must isolate for 10 full days. In
Summit Countv. the 10 day isolation begins on the date the specimen was collected for the test. NOT
the date symptoms started.
-Everyone with a positive rapid antigen test is considered to be a case unless the patient tests negative
with a PCR test within 48 hours of the positive rapid antigen test. This rule is only valid if the person is
not symptomatic and is not a known contact to a case.
– Rules for travel may be different. Please contact the Summit County Health Department for current
guidance. The COVID case investigation team can be reached at

QUARANTINE: (for persons that are exposed to a positive case)
-All contacts of COVID cases must quarantine for 10 days AFTER the last exposure to an infected person.
An exposure is spending 15 minutes or more within 6feet of an infected person within a 24 hour period,
masks or no masks.
-If a contact is a work, friend, or church contact, they may choose to get tested no less than 7 days after
the last exposure to the infected person, if the test is negative, they can skip the last three days of
-If the contact lives with the COVID case, then quarantine is for 10 days after the last date of exposure
and there is no test exception available. It may not be possible for children to completely quarantine
from a parent or sibling who has tested positive. In this situation, public health will recommend that
quarantine begin AFTER the infectious period of the case ends which is at least 10 full davs. This
means that family members could be in quarantine for 20 davs instead of 10.
-If a contact is completely vaccinated against COVID they do not need to quarantine unless they show
symptoms. If symptoms are present, they should start quarantine and get tested immediately.
Completely vaccinated means 14 days after the last dose of a one or two dose vaccine series
-Any contact that is completely vaccinated against COVID should be tested 3-5 days after exposure.
-If a contact has had lab confirmed COVID within 90 days of the last exposure to a positive case, they do
not need to quarantine.