Summit County Health Department Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Priorities

1.  Reduce Health Disparities          2. Advance Healthy Lifestyles
3. Protect Our Environments         4. Safeguard Families and Communities

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and protect the personal and environmental health
of Summit County and our residents and guests.

Our Vision

Summit County will be thriving through promoting healthy communities,
a healthy environment and healthy lives.

Our Values

Accountability          Innovation/forward-thinking          Thrivability
Collaboration          Inclusion          Empowerment

Priority #1 – Reduce Health Disparities

Ensuring that all areas of the county have equal access to health resources and expanding opportunities for county residents to improve their health:

  • Providing health department clinic services on a full-time basis in the Coalville and Kamas areas.
  • Expanding our health promotion work in schools, including tobacco prevention.
  • Continuing to support and grow access to locally-grown food through the Farm to School program and promoting farmers markets.
  • Supporting the development of trails and walkable community efforts throughout the entire county, with a special focus on the east side.
  • Educating and working to prevent hypertension through awareness campaigns and resources.

Making sure that all demographic groups throughout the county have equal access to these health-related resources:

  • Ensuring that health department clinical services are available to all groups in Summit County.
  • Providing vaccines for uninsured and underinsured residents of our county.
  • Having translators present at our clinics for Spanish speakers.

Partnering with local organizations for projects focused on Latino groups.

Priority #2 – Advance Healthy Lifestyles

Supporting opportunities for all to be physically active through community exercise programs:

  • Partnering with walkable communities groups and organizations.
  • Supporting local trails initiatives and other outdoor activities programs.

Ensuring access to healthy foods through the support of Farm to School program and the promotion of electronic benefit transfer (food stamps) at community farmers markets.

Promoting abstinence from tobacco products through:

  • Providing tobacco education in schools.
  • Partnering with local and state-wide organization on anti-tobacco marketing campaigns and tobacco compliance checks.

Working with local mental health, school, and other partners to address teen high-risk behaviors, including alcohol, drug, and sexuality.

Priority #3 – Protect Our Environments

Ensuring the quality of our natural, local environment is important and will continue to be a high priority through the services offered:

Priority #4 – Safeguard Families and Communities

Assuring the delivery of quality mental health and substance abuse services for those in need:

  • Working with other community-based organizations to identify needs and resources.
  • Supporting the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance

Protecting the community from the occurrence and spread of communicable diseases through:

Assuring access to family planning and women’s health services with the Women’s Health Program.

Providing Women, Infant and Children (WIC) and Early Intervention programs to meet the special needs of the young.

Preparing for public health emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters:

  • Creating and maintaining public health emergency response plans.
  • Continually working with other Summit County responders and agencies.