The Silver Creek Sewer Expansion Project will provide sanitary sewer improvements to some commercial and residential properties within the Silver Creek Estates subdivision. These properties are currently on septic systems.

Summit County has helped by securing financing for the improvements through the issuance of Assessment Bonds bearing a 0% interest rate.  The assessment will be paid for by the property owners in annual installments for a period of twenty (20) years

Since this is a voluntary assessment area, properties within the boundaries of the assessment area were not required to participate but did so by voluntarily agreeing to inclusion through signing a waver on or before March 29, 2017. Once the assessment is established, new construction and lots with failing systems will be required to hook into the sewer system. Septic permits will no longer be issued within the boundaries of the assessment area.

Those properties not included within the initial assessment area may be added to the assessment area in future years.  Each new zone will reflect an incremental increase in the annual assessment which will be paid by any properties added to the assessment area.

After the public system is installed, tested and approved, property owners may apply for connection to the sewer stub by submitting a Wastewater Service Application to Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District. If approved, property owners must hire their own contractor to extend sewer lateral from the stub to connection at their building. Properties that connect to the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District for sanitary sewer service are subject to any additional impact fees or connection fees charged by the District.

How long:

Construction began in mid-July and is projected to be completed by mid-September


The improvements are the result of an effort to preserve our natural resources and protect groundwater by removing potential contamination from aging and failing septic systems.

Lower Silver Creek Sewer Project

Process for Connecting to Public Sewer System

1. Construction of public sewer line will provide sewer lateral stub to each property.
2. Connection to the sewer stub cannot occur until after the public system is installed, tested and approved.
3. Property owners will complete and submit attached “Wastewater Service Application Information” form to Bryan Atwood at SBWRD (batwood@sbwrd.org – 435-214-5245). Include floor plans of buildings. It is recommended that this information be submitted in near future.
4. SBWRD will determine fees and prepare packet of construction information for Property Owner’s Contractor a. Attached SBWRD Resolution No. 128 discusses fee structure. b. Existing Commercial – fees based on actual water use during non-irrigation season as provided by Service Area #3. c. New Commercial – fees based on estimated water use. d. Existing and New Residential – fees based on number of living sections (bedrooms)
5. Property owner will hire their own contractor to extend sewer lateral from sewer stub to connection at building per SBWRD standards and to abandon septic system per Summit County Health Dept. requirements.
6. Property owner’s contractor will contact SBWRD (435-649-7993 ext. 2) to schedule inspections of sewer lateral construction a few days prior to actual work.
7. SBWRD will notify property owner and Summit Co. Health Department when sewer lateral connection is complete and approved.