Ongoing monitoring will occur throughout summer but the lake is safe for recreationists

(June 27, 2018) Recent sampling results by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Summit County Health Department indicate that algae cellular counts in Rockport are below levels that indicate a harmful algal bloom. Although the health department and DEQ will continue to monitor the status of the lake throughout the summer, reservoir water is safe for boaters and swimmers.

Samples taken the week of June 18 identified the cyanobacteria genus Gloeotrichia, which tends to be an early colonizer of harmful algal blooms and potentially toxic in dense concentrations, but rarely results in large blooms. At the time of sampling, visual observations from Department of Environmental Quality field staff reported the presence of algae mirroring the appearance of the bloom found in the reservoir last October.

Fortunately, no Dolichospermum or Microcystis algae cells, which are the primary contributors to large, toxic blooms, were identified in samples collected. Additionally, on-site sampling conducted Tuesday, June 26 indicated the toxin levels are below action levels.

As the Fourth of July holiday week approaches, the Summit County Health Department encourages recreationists to enjoy Rockport Reservoir without any restrictions. As a general practice, visitors to Rockport should be on the lookout for any areas of scum they may find and avoid drinking lake water.