Summit County Environmental Health encourages winter Radon testing

Test kits available at the Health Department

Park City, Utah (Jan. 13, 2016) — With winter in full swing, the Summit County Environmental Health team is encouraging Summit County residents to test for Radon in their homes. Test kits can be purchased at the Coalville and Round Valley Summit County Health Departments for $10 each.

“Testing for radon gas in the home is a quick, inexpensive and simple procedure,” Environmental Health Scientist, Rebecka Hullinger, said. “A test kit is a small investment to protect your family from what could be a very detrimental health condition.”

An odorless, tasteless and invisible gas, Radon is a radioactive byproduct of radium and uranium. It is naturally occurring in nature and, when outdoors, the concentration is very small. When it enters the home, the concentration builds to what may be an unsafe level, especially during the winter months when windows are closed and air exchange is minimal.

Radon particles are the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Radon can seep into homes in a variety of ways: through floor joints, cracks, gaps around pipes, potentially through the water supply and more. High levels of Radon can be found in all types and ages of buildings in every state and country throughout the world.

Testing is easy and only takes a couple of days to complete by following the simple instructions on each test kit. Depending on results, homeowners may need to contact a professional mitigator who can work with them reduce the levels of Radon in their home.

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