SUMMIT COUNTY  (Jun. 21, 2018)  — The Summit County Health Department and Utah Department of Environmental Quality have issued a cautionary advisory for toxic algae growth in Rockport Reservoir. Algal blooms naturally develop in lake and reservoir systems. However, if a bloom develops, toxins can become harmful to pets and people.

Rockport’s bloom is currently isolated to a few areas of the lake. Visitors are encouraged to pay attention to signs and to avoid swimming and boating in areas of scum. Pet owners should prevent pets from drinking or swimming near blooms or areas of scum. While these blooms are localized and do not compromise drinking water, recreationists should take precautions when visiting Rockport Reservoir.

Anglers can still fish in waters where a bloom is occurring. They are encouraged to clean the fish and wash their hands with clean water. Since toxins concentrate mostly in a fish’s organs (fatty tissue and skin) discard these items and eat only the fillets.

The Summit County Health Department is working closely with the Division of State Parks and Recreation, Division of Environmental Quality, Department of Natural Resources, Park City Water, Mountain Regional Water and Weber Basin Water Conservancy to monitor the algal bloom. All agencies are committed to the safety and well-being of park visitors and the environment. Rockport Reservoir remains open and primarily safe for recreation as monitoring and further testing is conducted.

For more information and updates, please visit or call Summit County Environmental Health at 435-333-1511.