Summit County, along with Salt Lake County and 10 Utah cities representing a constituency of over 400,000 customers, has adopted resolutions to participate in the Community Renewable Energy Program.

“Summit County is pleased to be able to provide residents with the choice of power and power to choose between two standard rates: standard fossil-fuel generated electricity and standard renewable electrical energy,” Summit County Sustainability Manager, Lisa Yoder, said.

In 2020, these communities will enter into the agreement negotiation phase with Rocky Mountain Power to determine the key costs to the municipality of participating in the quantification of total renewable energy demand, the renewable resources required, and the projected costs for participating in the program.  If the projected cost is agreeable, the community will pass an ordinance that makes it a net-100% renewable energy community.

Each and every customer will be informed of the renewable energy rate in comparison to their standard electricity rate and be given the opportunity to opt-out. Everyone who wants renewable energy will stay in the program and anyone who does not want renewable energy is free to opt-out.

Each municipality and county established a goal of achieving net-100% renewable electricity for its residents and businesses by 2030.

Utah communities interested in securing net-100% renewable energy by 2030 can download the guidelines and details here.