Summit County, Utah (April 7, 2020) — Last night in public meeting, the Summit County Board of Health supported aligning the expiration date of all three existing Health Orders related to COVID-19 with the expiration date of May 1, which was established in the Joint Public Health Order 2020-03 (the “Stay-at-Home Order). The Public Health Emergency Order signed on March 12 was also extended to May 1. Aside from the expiration date, no changes were made to any Order.

“This decision was made to eliminate confusion and provide a consistent, congruent expiration date for these Orders,” Summit County Health Director Dr. Rich Bullough said. “We are doing all we can in coordination with our healthcare system to aggressively fight COVID-19 in Summit County and we are making progress. We will continue to look at when and how we can resume regular business operations and day-to-day life as the outlook allows. If we do this too soon, however, we’ll be right back where we started.”

Prior to this alignment, Orders 2020-1 and 2020-2 were to expire on April 14 and April 22, respectively. The Public Health Emergency Order was previously in effect until April 11. The following is a summary of each order. The full orders can be viewed under the “Declarations and Orders” section at

  • 2020-1: Order prohibiting dine-in food service and the closure of resorts, restaurants, taverns, bars, entertainment venues, fitness and exercise facilities, spas, churches, and other businesses in which people tend to gather.
  • 2020-2: Order prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people, restrictions and limitations for commercial and residential building and construction work sites, restrictions and limitations to hair, nail and tanning salons, physical therapy clinics and services.
  • 2020-3: Stay At Home Order requiring all businesses and residents to stay at home and cease non-essential travel and operations, prohibiting visitor travel to Summit County.

All three Public Health Orders will be reviewed prior to May 1. At that point, the Orders could be extended or modified. Businesses, employees and members of the general public who have questions or concerns about compliance are encouraged to call the Summit County Community Concerns Line at 435-333-0050.