The comment period for the 2018 Fee Schedule has ended.

The Summit County Health Department is issuing a 30-day formal notice and comment period during which the public can review the proposed 2018 Fee Schedule and submit comments to the Health Department in writing by email or mail or in person at the January 8 Board of Health Meeting.

Every three years the Summit County Health Department re-evaluates the fee schedule to ensure that fees accurately reflect the services being provided. In 2015, the current fees went into effect. With 2018 just weeks away, the Health Department has proposed a new fee schedule to the Summit County Board of Health. At this time, the Board is seeking comments in regards to the proposed increases to the Health Department regulatory permit fees.

Below is a breakdown by program regarding the average increase per program. Please note that this is an average and fees may vary by specific permit.

  • Food Program: 13.25%
  • Wastewater: 12.99%
  • Recreational Water Program: 14.91%
  • Water Lab: 18.76%
  • Daycare: 21.54%
  • Mass Gatherings: 31.12%
  • Body Art: 18.57%
  • Tanning: 20.77%

It is important to note that program increases vary based on the amount of time spent by staff. Careful consideration and analysis have taken place over the past three years to determine the average amount of time spent for each permit including everything from administrative time to field response. Using the amount of time spent for each permit, the cost of the permit was calculated. Therefore, the current proposed fee is an accurate reflection of what it costs the County to put a Health Department employee in the field. While this means most permits will see an increase in 2018, some permit fees are reduced.

One such example is the Dogs on Patio variance. If the proposed fees are approved, restaurant owners applying for this variance for the first time will be charged a one-time application review fee. If the permit holder decides to renew the Dogs on Patio variance the following year, they will only be charged the Dog on Patio variance fee, not the review fee. Dogs on Patio permit holders who have been granted a variance are not subject to the review fee and will pay only the new variance fee.

One final note, if approved, these fees will go into effect February 1, 2018. This means active permit holders will pay the current permit fees to operate in 2018. However, new establishments or those who are late on payments will be subject to the new fees after February 1, 2018, if they are approved.

Comments must be postmarked or received at the Summit County Health Department by 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time on Friday, January 5, 2018. Comments may be emailed to Public comments will also be taken at the meeting held on Monday, January 8, 2018, at 4:00 pm at the Round Valley Health Department Office located at 650 Round Valley Drive.

Or by mail to:
Derek Siddoway
Summit County Health Department
650 Round Valley Drive, Suite 100
Park City, Utah 84060