Boil order issued for Samak Country Estates

(March 23, 2017) — The Summit County Health Department has issued a boil water order for residents of Samak Country Estates. All water received through these service lines should be boiled before consumption.

Recent samples submitted by the water system show that the water contains unsafe levels of e. coli. The boil water order will remain in effect until further notification. This boil order does not affect other water systems and is specific to residents connected to the Samak Country Estates water system.

Residents on this water system are being told to bring their water to a rolling boil for three minutes before using it. This use includes drinking, cooking, doing dishes, handwashing and brushing your teeth. Showering in untreated water is not recommended. It is okay for pets to drink the water.

The Summit County Health Department will continue to test the water and will alert the operators of the water system and their customers when the water is safe to use again.

The boil order affects only 31 homes in Samak Country Estates. Affected homes have had information posted to their doors providing details of the boil order.

Questions regarding the order should be directed to Samak Estates Water: 801-556-1064

For more information on boil order practices please visit or call Summit County Environmental Health at 435-333-1502 or 435-336-3234.