Summit County Mandatory Face Covering Order FAQs2020-06-28T12:53:14-06:00
Does everyone have to wear a face covering?2020-06-28T12:44:44-06:00

Generally, yes, but there are some exceptions.

  • Children 2 years old and younger.
  • If a person’s medical, mental health, or disability conditions prevent it.
  • People who are hearing impaired or communicate with an individual who is hearing impaired, and seeing the mouth is essential for those communications.
  • If face coverings create a work-related risk – as determined by applicable law, or workplace safety guidelines.
  • A person getting services involving their nose or face, may remove a covering while that service is provided.
  • A person may temporarily remove a face covering while eating and drinking in a food or beverage establishment.
  • It is okay to remove a face covering to prove ID as required by a retailer or service provider.

Where are face coverings required?2020-06-29T09:25:59-06:00


  • All indoor spaces open to the public.
  • Healthcare settings (doctor and dentist offices, pharmacies, clinics, vet clinics, blood banks).


  • Waiting in line to get into any space open to the public.

Indoors and Outdoors:

  • Community gatherings of more than 50 people at any one time.


  • Employees, staff, or volunteers engaging in work unless in an individual office/cubicle with no other person less than 6 feet from them.
  • Inside/outside/off-site if interacting with members of the public;
  • In any space visited by the public – even if no public is there at the time; and
  • Where food is prepared or packaged for distribution.

What is Summit County’s mandatory face covering order?2020-06-28T12:14:22-06:00

Residents, visitors, and employees are required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when accessing indoor establishments (i.e. retail, restaurants, fitness centers, government facilities, resorts, etc.), or when participating in outdoor gatherings of 50 or more people.

When is the Order in effect?2020-06-28T12:14:10-06:00

The face covering requirement went into effect at 12:01am on June 27, 2020 and expires on September 1, 2020.

Why did the County implement the face covering order?2020-06-28T12:12:31-06:00

Transmission and spread of the COVID-19 virus is increasing in Utah – 676 new cases on June 26 alone. The highest risk of transmission is indoors where air circulation is controlled and the public congregates and interacts with those who are not in their household for a consequential period of time. Studies show covering the nose and mouth substantially reduces the spread of the virus – by 80% in some cases. For the health, safety and welfare of our community, and to compel individuals to don a face covering when in these high risk situations, the County Council, County Manager, and County Health Officer issued a Mandatory Face Covering Order.

Do I have to wear a face covering when recreating outdoors?2020-06-28T12:43:41-06:00

No. Current medical guidance suggests little chance of transmission outdoors. However, social distancing is critical, even outdoors. All bicyclists (trail and road) should maintain 18 foot spacing from other riders traveling in the same direction for more than a few minutes.

What if I have a health condition that makes it unsafe for me to wear a mask or cover my face?2020-06-28T12:20:24-06:00

There is an exemption in the Order for individuals who have a health condition that would make it unsafe for them to wear a face covering.

Do children have to wear face coverings?2020-06-28T12:21:12-06:00

Children 2 and younger do not have to wear a face covering. Children older than 2 have to wear a face covering under the same conditions as adults.

Do children participating in an outdoor summer camp have to wear a face covering?2020-06-28T12:24:19-06:00

No, if the children are outdoors in groups smaller than 50 and socially distanced, they do not have to wear face coverings. However, if the camp is moved indoors, then yes.

Do I have to wear a face covering while swimming at a public facility?2020-06-28T12:25:26-06:00

Face coverings are not required in a public pool. However, they are required when walking about the facility or in the locker room.

What documentation or certification do I need to show I meet one of the exemptions?2020-06-28T12:26:44-06:00

No documentation is required.

How will you determine if an exemption is valid?2020-06-28T12:27:26-06:00

We do not want to violate HIPPA laws or a person’s privacy. Simply state the exemption and it will be accepted.

What if I’m refused entry to an establishment because I cannot wear a mask or face covering and am covered by an exemption?2020-06-28T12:28:42-06:00

Simply tell the establishment you have a medical condition and do not have to wear a face covering due to an exemption in the health order.

Does the Order cover employees working together in areas not accessible to the public?2020-06-28T12:29:42-06:00

Yes, the Order applies to all individuals working indoors with others, or assisting a member of the public. Individuals working alone indoors are not required to cover their face, unless they are preparing food.

Do businesses need to hire someone to monitor the entrance to make sure those entering the establishment are wearing a face covering?2020-06-28T12:31:48-06:00

It is up to every business on how they decide to alter their operations to comply with the face covering order. However, it is the expectation that the business, etc. will inform patrons/guests/customers of the face covering requirement and ensure compliance. It is also required that the business post a notice about the mandatory face covering requirement and reference the County’s health order.

How will this Health Order be enforced?2020-06-28T12:32:50-06:00

Law enforcement’s approach to enforcement is education first and assistance to help the individual comply. Violations of the Order are subject to an infraction, which is provided via a citation issued by law enforcement. The citation also comes with a fine.

What will enforcement look like for this order?2020-06-28T12:33:34-06:00

The whole purpose of this Order is to raise the level of compliance of face covering use in order to keep our economy and living situation from having to return to a more restrictive level. Stay Safe to Stay Open. We all have a civic and moral responsibility, besides our desire to return to normal economic activity, to comply with this Order. We need to implore that civic and moral responsibility in order to protect others in our community and protect all of our workforce.

What is an infraction?2020-06-28T12:34:20-06:00

An infraction only results in a citation. It cannot result in arrest or jail.

Should 911 be called to report infractions?2020-06-28T12:34:51-06:00

NO! 911 should be reserved for emergency or criminal situations that need immediate attention. The Community Concerns Line is the proper place to report violations by businesses and/or large groups of people. Please call the Community Concerns Line to report violations at 435-333-0050.

Can I use my own sign in my establishment to announce the Order?2020-06-28T12:35:27-06:00

Yes, we only ask that the Order be referenced for the inference that it indeed has the rule of law.

Will law enforcement be actively enforcing and looking for violators?2020-06-28T12:36:10-06:00

No, they and other government officials will be looking for and using ways to educate on the Order, its necessity and our civic duty to protect others. Stay Safe to Stay Open.

Does this mean that I have to wear a mask every time I leave my house?2020-06-28T12:36:57-06:00

No, the Order only requires a mask to be worn in an indoor establishment which the public has access to, or outside in an organized gathering of 50 or more people.

Do I have to wear a mask while exercising in an indoor small business or a recreation center?2020-06-28T12:37:28-06:00

Yes, these activities inside an enclosed space are potentially some of the highest risk places for transmission of the virus through human droplets. Airborne droplet spread can occur. A mask must be worn in these situations.

Are face coverings required on trails?2020-06-28T12:38:25-06:00

The transmission risk outdoors and in passing contact is extremely low. No masks are required on trails.

What studies are being used to support the claim that mask use/covering faces is necessary?2020-06-28T12:39:10-06:00

The County has followed several studies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are links to two of those:

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