Halloween Safety

    Should be flame-resistant fabric.

  • Should be light, bright and clearly visible to motorists.
  • Should be well fitted.
  • Make sure masks fit securely, has adequate ventilation with large eye hole.
  • Keep candles & Jack-o-lanterns away from flammable items.
  • Keep pathways clear for trick or treaters.
  • Keep home inside and out well lighted
  • Children should walk with an adult.
  • Children should be cautious about walking thru lawns and between parked cars.
  • Children should carry flashlights.
  • Add reflective tape to their costumes.

Winter Holiday Safety

  • Look for a fresh tree if you choose to buy a natural tree and keep it in a container full of water. (A safer option would be to buy a fire-resistant artificial tree.)
  • Remember your children when you decorate. Do not put ornaments or lights on lower branches where small children can reach them.
  • Check all lights to make sure there are no loose sockets, frayed wires or loose connections. Turn off tree lights when unattended.
  • Keep hard food, candies, nuts, and popcorn out of reach of children.

More than half of the approximately 3.8 billion toys sold each year in the United States are sold during the holiday season. Keep these recommendations in mind.

  • Follow age recommendations listed on toy packages.
  • Avoid toys with strings, straps or cords longer than seven inches.
  • Avoid toys with small removable parts. These are a choking hazard for children under three.
  • While sledding, use sturdy and safely constructed equipment (avoid makeshift sleds). Never put two or more children on a single sled, and consider having your children wear helmets.
  • Dress in several thin layers to avoid hypothermia and frostbite.
  • When skiing or snowboarding, wear a helmet, eye protection, and sunblock.
At Home:
  • Have your furnace inspected each year to ensure it is working properly.
  • Install smoke and CO2 detectors on each level of your home.
  • Keep emergency numbers updated and posted.

Fireworks Safety

  • Only adults should light fireworks
  • Buy only the amount of fireworks you plan to use.
  • Keep a water bucket, water hose or fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Use eye protection.
  • Never point or throw fireworks at other people, cars, or homes.
  • Light one at a time and away from flammable materials and other people.
  • Do not try to relight non-working fireworks.
  • Keep pets indoors in a safe place leaving TV or radio on for distraction. In case they escape, make sure pets are wearing a tag. Consult a veterinarian for more information.

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