General Questions

  • Does the Order cover employees working together in areas not accessible to the public?
    Yes, the Order applies to all individuals working indoors with others where social distancing cannot be observed. Individuals working alone indoors are not required to cover their face, unless they are preparing food.


  • Does the Order put limitations on capacity? 
    No, the Order does not limit capacity.


  • If we have upset customers, what do we do?
    If a customer becomes disorderly or unruly please contact the non-emergency dispatch line at (435) 615-3600.


Specific Scenarios

  • Gyms and Recreation Centers
    An individual is not required to wear a mask while exercising or engaging in athletic training while indoors and maintaining at least six feet of physical distance from any other individual. However, these activities inside an enclosed space are potentially some of the highest risk places for transmission of the virus and masks are required while not actively exercising.


  • Spas
    A person getting services involving their nose or face, may remove a covering while that service is provided.


  • Bars + Restaurants
    Individuals seated at a restaurant or other food/beverage establishment while they are eating, or drinking do not have to wear face coverings. However, individuals must be masked while waiting to be seated.