The Summit County Emergency Preparedness Program continues to work on ways to improve the health department’s capacity to respond to public health emergencies. Efforts include developing and updating emergency response plans, managing the local Medical Reserve Corps unit, integrating health department plans with other emergency response agencies in Summit County, participating in training exercises, and coordinating with other local health departments and the Utah Department of Health.

Below is a brief summary of planning and response topics that are addressed by the Summit County Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness Program, including links to pages with more information.

All-Hazards / Public Health Emergencies

A Public Health Emergency is defined as an emergency need for health care services to respond to a disaster, significant outbreak of an infectious disease, bioterrorist attack, or other catastrophic event.

Medical Reserve Corps

MRC units are groups of volunteer medical professionals and others who can supplement local public health departments, hospitals, and emergency medical systems when they are overwhelmed. For more information on the Summit County Medical Reserve Corp please call 435-333-1503.

Pandemic Influenza

Pandemic influenza is a worldwide outbreak or epidemic of the highly contagious influenza (flu) virus. A pandemic may occur when a flu virus mutates into a new type or strain.

Strategic National Stockpile

The SNS has large quantities of medicine & supplies to protect the public if there is a public health emergency severe enough to cause local supplies to run out.

Contact Us

Chris Crowley- Emergency Manager

650 Round Valley Drive, Park City, UT 84060
Phone: 435-336-1532

Derek Moss – Nursing Director, Summit County Health Department

650 Round Valley Drive, Park City, UT 84060
Phone: 435-333-1504