Summit County COVID-19 Dashboard

The timeframe for counting cases towards a school’s Test to Stay threshold has changed from 14 days to a “number of days that is equal to the estimated incubation period” as defined by the Utah Department of Health. Although Test to Stay events are not currently being held, the Utah Department of Health, in consultation with Utah’s local health departments, has identified “the estimated incubation period” for Omicron as 7 days. This timeframe should be used for determining case counts until another variant emerges.  For more information visit

School-Age Groups Active 7-day Case Counts

AgeSummit CountyState
0-4 yrs6/2206
5-10 yrs8/132669/311812
11-13 yrs8/193733/161991
14-17 yrs1/269544/209578

Summit County Vaccination Percentages

People living in Summit County who are eligible to receive vaccine and have received at least one dose of vaccine 100%
People living in Summit County who are eligible to receive vaccine and have completed their vaccination series 88%
People living in Summit County who are eligible to receive vaccine and have been boosted. 47%

The above percentages are calculated using the population currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.  Right now, anyone age five and older is eligible to receive the vaccine.  Population estimates were recently updated to the 2020 Census

Quarantine and Isolation Calculator

Whether you have COVID-19 or have been around someone who tested positive,  this Quarantine and Isolation calculator helps you decide how long to stay home and timing for testing based on current CDC  guidelines. This information is intended to help you make the best decision to protect you, your family, and those around you from contracting COVID-19.  Click here to go to the calculator for customized information that applies to your unique situation.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations by Age in Summit County, UT since Feb 1, 2021

COVID-19 Hospitalizations by Vaccination Status in Summit County, UT since Feb 1, 2021

Rates since February 1, 2021 are a cumulative incidence rate per million person-days and are calculated as the “sum of people observed with COVID-19 outcome each day” divided by the “sum of people vaccinated or unvaccinated each day” times 1,000,000.

Waste Water

SARS-CoV-2 ( COVID-19) virus is shed in feces by infected individuals. Virus concentrations in sewage can be measured by collecting a sample at the inlet of sewage treatment plants. This information provides a pooled indicator of the status and trends of COVID-19 infections in communities served by the treatment plant (the sewershed).
Silver Creek
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