SCHC058: Vaping Dangers


After vaping for eight months, twenty-year-old Katie Bertram became heavily addicted. Soon, she began to experience chest pains and difficulty breathing. Katie joins us on the Healthcast to discuss her vaping journey: the reason she

SCHC058: Vaping Dangers2020-02-07T14:51:42-07:00

SCHC057 – Looking at 2020


This episode is the second half of our conversation with Health Director Rich Bullough and Deputy Director Phil Bondurant. We look forward to the health department's 2020 initiatives and areas of focus for the year,

SCHC057 – Looking at 20202020-01-08T14:02:17-07:00

SCHC056 – 2019 In Review


In this episode of the healthcast, Director Rich Bullough and Deputy Director Phil Bondurant outline the department’s major successes over the course of 2019 and how they impacted the community. Bullough and Bondurant cited support

SCHC056 – 2019 In Review2019-12-31T14:23:01-07:00

SCHC052: Water Safety During Emergencies


In this episode of the Summit County Healthcast, we were joined by Kathryn McMullin, a Critical Infrastructure Specialist with the Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management. Kathryn discussed the likelihood of an extended

SCHC052: Water Safety During Emergencies2019-07-02T13:35:32-06:00

SCHC051: Mumps and Measles 101


In episode 51, we sit down with Nursing Director Carolyn Rose to discuss the recent Measles and Mumps outbreak occurring across the United States. At the time of this recording (May 2019), there were no

SCHC051: Mumps and Measles 1012019-05-22T14:19:36-06:00

SCHC050 – 2019 Community Health Assessment


Environmental Health Director Phil Bondurant returns to the healthcast to discuss the 2019 Summit County Community Health Assessment. This short survey will aid the health department in planning public health initiatives over the course of

SCHC050 – 2019 Community Health Assessment2019-04-23T13:25:53-06:00
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