Back-To-School Vaccinations

School Immunization Reminder

With the new school year approaching, the Summit County Health Department is reminding all parents of school-age children of the Utah School Immunization Law. The immunization law for students requires proof of shots for children attending public and private schools, grades Kindergarten through 12, nursery schools, licensed child care centers, family home care, and Head Start programs.

In Utah today, many children have not had a full series of immunizations.  As a result, it is possible for certain dangerous, fast spreading diseases to harm many children. To prevent such epidemics, everyone must do his or her part.  The shots required under the Immunization Law include DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis), Polio, Hib disease, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis A and B, and chickenpox.

In order to protect the health of all children, school or child care officials cannot admit a child without proof of shots. But, children can be admitted if they have had at least one dose of each vaccine required for their age and are currently on schedule to complete the remaining doses. So it is very important to begin the vaccination process now, before school starts.

For more information on immunizations, contact the Summit County Health Department. In Coalville, call 435-336-3234, Kamas call 435-783-4351 ext. 3071, and for Park City call 435-333-1500